Product Description

Everything you need for WordPress in a single service.

If we have learned one thing through experience of working with business owners it is this – when it comes to the web, small business owners want things to be simple. With this in mind, we offer our WordPress Essentials service – designed to make sure your site is online, secure and up to date.


Secure Web Hosting

Our hosting provides an environment that has been optimized specifically for WordPress. Provided from our Canadian datacenter locations, we provide a 99.999% uptime guarantee for your peace of mind.

Managed Updates

Updates for WordPress core, plugins and themes happen regularly. We make sure your site is up to date and functional. Stay current, stay secure.

Realtime Antivirus

Additional security for your website and hosting experience are provided through our Realtime Antivirus. In the event there is a security breach does occur, our scanners will detect and attempt to automatically repair your website. If automatic repair is not possible, your site will be disabled and a support ticket will be opened for manual intervention.

WordPress Essentials

$74.99 /month


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